GET-TECH specializes in providing BIM Consulting services for Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Building Owners and Operators, who need some support with new technology adoption.


We help them to implement new digital tools and enhance design, construction and operation processes to maximize efficiency, minimize cost and increase productivity.


We have many years of practical experience in the implementation of BIM and advising individual clients on the best approach, to suit their needs and budgets. There is no project which is too large or too small for us because we believe that with the right tools and processes everything can be challenged and done more efficiently through digitalization and automation.


Our knowledge of the local and international market gives us an advantage in proposing customized and cost-effective BIM Consulting solutions rather than out-of-the box services.


GET-TECH’s subject matter experts have practical experience in all areas of BIM, which they acquired during their professional journey from being employed as project engineers and architects in Europe and designers in AB, Canada, through representing clients the Middle East and finally working for large consulting companies and general contractors in ON, Canada.


Therefore, we have a very good understanding of multidisciplinary BIM uses during design, construction and operation phases, which is our most compelling and unique value proposition in the BIM Consulting field.

Get Tech Solutions

Get Tech Solutions