BIM Execution Planning made simple

BIM Execution Planning was once a disconnected workflow of Word, Excel and PDFs – it was time consuming and, let’s face it, the results were mostly ignored. Isn’t it time for a simple BIM Management Platform? Are you ready to upgrade your BIM Execution Plans (BEPs) today?

Control Your BIM Standards

Manage company standards, continuously improve and keep all projects in sync.

Begin your next project with templates available within the platform or copy & paste from your existing documents to create your own.

Dedicated Cloud Based BEP Platform

Manage your BIM project plans, information and Teams in one location!

Always the latest version, secure browser-based editing, collaborate across your teams.

Agree on BIM minutes not months!

Agree on your next BIM contract using a simple propose, comment and publish workflow!

Instead of taking days or months to create and manage your execution plans – your workflow is more rapid to get the results you need.


Level Of Development made simple

Previously Level Of Development (LOD) workflows were ridgid and could cause confusion. We understand that disconnected processes (using Excel and pdfs) can also result in miscommunication. Isn’t it time to stop adding unnecessary risk to our BIM projects? Get ready to advance your BIM standards today!

The Flexible Approach To LOD Standards

Easily adjust the required level of geometry, maturity, accuracy, information, and more.

Adopt UK, US or your own BIM Standards with the added flexibility our industry has been requesting.

Simple + Visual BIM Scoping Matrix

Use clear BIM images to quickly agree on BIM requirements.

Break down barriers between teams by providing a fun, visual and collaborative experience.

The Right BIM For The Right Reasons

Define Leaner BIM scope packages that directly support your chosen BIM Uses.

Cutting out your BIM waste saves time and results in happier project teams.


BIM Management made Lean

BIM can be wasteful if it is not planned and managed using Lean design processes. Many projects experience over-modeling, under-modeling, duplicate modeling and lots of rework. Are you ready to take control of your project with a Lean Design management workflow?

Automated BIM Task Lists

Are you manually replanning your work with every scope update?

Now your BIM management tasks are automatically updated from your project scope.

Visual Pull Planning Cards

Are you using blank stickies for your Pull Planning?

Why not expedite your Lean workflows with image rich cards to quickly agree on modeling sequence and responsibilities?

Drag + Drop Updates

Use a simple Kanban Board to Assign, Track, Manage and Control your tasks.

Drag and drop to update progress and always access LIVE status from anywhere.