GET-TECH’s motto is: Implement, Succeed, Inspire

We are passionate about new technology! We find that our clients and partners are usually extraordinary individuals who are looking optimistically in the future of Smart Cities in Construction, IoT , automation and artificial intelligence (AI). They want to disrupt the status quo, improve their processes, achieve their goals and join innovative industry leaders who set example for others to follow in a dynamically changing world.

BIM and VDC services are a backbone of digitalization and machine learning in the AECOO industry. GTI’s mission is to increase our client’s awareness of current and future technological possibilities. By getting to know their needs and providing our solutions for utilizing IoT we help them to manage their assets and resources at the world class Smart Cities level.

Smart Cities are urban developments utilizing IoT , which aim to improve the quality of life, sustainability, efficiency and connectivity at the same time reducing cost and environmental impact.

The ultimate goal of Smart Cities and IoT in AECOO industry (Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Owner and Operators) is to bridge the gap between design, construction and operation of a building asset by utilizing smart and lean technologies that will help to identify, preserve and monitor important information at every stage of its existence.

It is achievable by:

A. Creation of a 3D model – Digital Twin, as a product of BIM/VDC design and construction

B. Integration of required Asset Data within the 3D model

C. Utilization of an intelligent Digital Twin during operation to provide centralized technical database of the building and reduce maintenance and facility management costs to the benefit of the owner

D. Utilization of IoT devices and apps during operation, by connecting with the Digital Twin, to monitor and adjust the building performance and manage energy use, thus providing additional cost savings

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