We specialize in BIM, which stands for Building Information Modeling and involves creation of a data-rich 3D model, a virtual prototype of a physical building, that can be utilized during the whole building life-cycle.


Such BIM model is quite often referred to as a Digital Twin.


How we do it?


Simply speaking we convert traditional, 2D technical drawings and blueprints into 3D building models.


What problems do we solve?


Our observation is that the design & construction industry is suffering from disconnected information, inaccuracies,  low productivity and low-quality documentation, which leads to significant loss of time and money at each project stage.


Our Solution is BIM and your end-product: Digital Twin!


With help of a Digital Twin of your building you can increase productivity, optimize communication and collaboration and maximize efficiency in your organization which in turn will bring you time and cost savings.


Properly maintained, information loaded models can act as a reliable source of truth from design through construction, to operation and even demolition of the facility providing a centralized database of 3D, 2D and asset information accessible anytime, anywhere, just one click away.

Get Tech Innovative Solutions

Get Tech Innovative Solutions