Digital Twin Viewer

Minimize design, construction & operational costs
with a virtual prototype of your physical assets

What is Flair 3D?


Flair 3D is a cloud-based 3D Viewer for digital models of buildings and infrastructure known as Digital Twins. The platform gives online access to the multi-disciplinary models and associated asset information like location, spaces, rooms, equipment manufacturer, type etc. as well as schedule and live performance data.


Who is it for?

Flair 3D is a cloud-based tool for construction and real estate industry: designers, builders, owners, operators and facility managers as well as O&M application developers and IoT companies.


What is it for?

The purpose is to visualize buildings and infrastructure, their characteristics and maintenance information, building management systems, data collection and automation devices – all in one centralized location during the whole life-cycle.

The multi-disciplinary Viewer serves as a virtual reference and its goal is to improve communication, enhance collaboration, reduce data search and response time, maximize efficiency and minimize cost of design, construction and operation.


Why is it better?

What differentiates our tool from others is, that it is non-tech-user-friendly, has more advanced multi-model selection and search options, an integrated time-liner for quick and easy online scheduling and simulations, better project sharing and mark-up tools, it can be customized, merged with various O&M applications and connected to IoT devices for live building performance monitoring.


Current Functionalities: