Our experts have extensive experience in BIM Asset Management, Facility Management  (FM), Operations & Maintenance (O&M) and integration of an as-built model with asset data. 

Information rich BIM models can benefit owners during operation through an easy access to all important data centralized and saved in a visual, digital form. The asset data can be efficiently updated each time renovations or maintenance changes occur i.e. equipment can be easily identified, relocated, scheduled for repair or replaced if needed.

Moreover, significant costs and energy savings can be achieved thanks to actual performance monitoring and optimization.

Facility Management  models provide a great source of information, including additional spacial data, performance data, element attributes and equipment parameters that are important to the operator for tracking purposes, i.e. serial codes, warranties, O&M manuals etc. 

The data can be utilized to determine space usage, financial decision-making, short-term and long-term planning, cost implications of changing or upgrading building assets, segregate costs for financial tax purposes and maintain a current comprehensive database representing the actual value of a company’s assets. 

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