Virtual Design and Construction (VDC)


Our experience in 3D BIM modeling services ranges from architectural, structural and MEP to industrial plant and offshore facilities modeling.

We can assist you in any phase of your project: design, construction, as-built and record modeling for operation & maintenance. 

Our expert consultants take care of every aspect of 3D modeling, including preparing the model in a wide range of formats (from native scan data, through to IFC open standard) so that you can focus on your business at the same time contributing to faster implementation of Building Information Modeling in Canada.

In addition, we can provide you with 3D modeling Viewers to access the models for review, comments and measurements, i.e. Autodesk Viewer, Leica TruView etc. 

We are software-agnostic and capable to deliver models developed with following programs: 

* Autodesk Revit * Autodesk Navisworks * Autodesk BIM 360 * Autodesk ReCap * Autodesk AutoCAD * Autodesk 3ds Max, Autodesk Plant 3D * Synchro * Graphisoft Archicad * Bentley Microstation * Bentley Pointools * Aveva E3D * PointCab * Edgewise * Leica Cyclon * ZF Laser Control

Autodesk Revit BIM services are the most popular 3D modeling services associated with Building Information Modeling in Canada. For many years Revit was the only software associated with 3D design for building structures in the local market, while in other regions, i.e. Europe or the Middle East the variety of modeling software is much larger. 

BIM in Canada is still making it’s way through different Provinces and it’s level of implementation varies from region to region. Quite often Building Information Modeling in Canada is refered to as Virtual Design and Construction (VDC).

This term originates from the USA and includes not only bim modeling services, but also other BIM processes and uses utilized during design and construction, i.e., BIM Cost Estimation, Visualization, Planning, Facility Management or BIM energy modeling.

GET-TECH is supporting many initiatives related to BIM in Canada and internationally. We are members of CanBIM, tBIMc and BuildingSmart and work with teams and organizations in different places in the world, to keep up with the most current practices, tools and methods of Virtual Design and Construction.

Although Revit BIM services are the most often requested, we are using a combination of all the above mentioned file types and are capable to convert and reuse any 3D or 2D data to provide exceptional  bim modeling services for any kind of project and budget.

Our client oriented, flexible approach and customized, cost effective solutions as opposed to “out of the box” services, as well as an experienced team of multidisciplinary, globally recognized Subject Matter Experts differenciate us from other Revit BIM services providers in the Virtual Design and Construction market.

To find out more about current stage of implementation of BIM in Canada we’d like to refer you to an excellent source of information published by UofT and tBIMc, which you can find here.

Choose GET-TECH as Your Partner for BIM in Canada

BIM in Canada is becoming increasingly important. If you want virtual design and construction services delivered by the best professionals in the industry, you can trust the team at GET-TECH. Our expertise and software-agnostic approach allow us to rapidly refocus for your project, delivering results that are competitive with the best Revit BIM services.

Our BIM Modeling Services can be customized to your needs. We work with businesses, consulting firms, government groups, and other organizations for virtual design and construction in Canada.

Building information modeling in Canada and virtual design and construction provide significant advantages no matter where you are in your current project.

BIM Modeling Services and Virtual Design and Construction

Our BIM modeling services and Revit BIM services can help you to better visualize and plan the architecture, construction, and management of your buildings, no matter where they are. You can innovate on your designs and how they are implemented with our BIM modeling services. Advanced BIM in Canada is used by the most innovative organizations that want to limit costs and increase efficiency. You can join the growing number of companies that rely on our BIM modeling services.

For affordable, professional, and technically advanced BIM modeling services, contact GET-TECH today.

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