GET-TECH has become a resident of the Autodesk Technology Centers Outsight Network

GET-TECH, consulting and Digital Twin technology provider is excited to announce, that it has recently joined the Autodesk Technology Centers  Outsight Networkwhich includes a network of sites inSan Francisco, Boston, Toronto, and Birmingham, UK, along with the global online along with global online community which brings together industry, academic, and entrepreneurial communities to create a shared vision of the future of making.

We at GET-TECH realize, that in order to provide our clients with the latest innovations, we need to develop and test our solutions in an environment where new ideas have the most optimal conditions to grow.

The  Autodesk Technology Center supports the research and development of emerging technologies, including machine learning, generative design and artificial intelligence, to reimagine how things are designed and made.

The Outsight Network provides access to rich resources for teams from industry, academic and startup communities doing forward-looking in the area of architecture and engineering design, construction and manufacturing.

About AUTODESK Technology Centers

Autodesk Technology Centers exists to create a shared vision of the future of making with a community of innovators and thought leaders, and the Outsight Network is a vital part of bringing that vision to life.

At the Autodesk Technology Centers, teams in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) and Product Design & Manufacturing fields conduct speculative, thought-leading work to help advance their industries and shape a thriving future for all. From design automation to predictive analytics the state-of-the-art facilities and resources provide a platform where teams can explore new ways to automate and connect workflows that will enable both their industries to meet ever-changing and growing market challenges and deliver innovative new products to market.

About GET-TECH Innovative Solutions Inc.

Get Tech provides services and applications related to new technology in design, construction and building operation, including BIM, Asset Management, Reality Capture, Digital Twins, IoT, Smart Cities and beyond.

Based on their international experience and knowing the pain points in the industry Get-Tech has developed 2 applications for Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Building Owners & Operators: Flair3D – Digital Twin Viewer and Utopia – Smart City Hub.

About Flair3D – Digital Twin Viewer

Flair3D – Digital Twin Viewer is a cloud application to visualize buildings and infrastructure, which can be connected to IoT sensors to show live data. It allows to utilize virtual prototypes of future or existing buildings to improve communication and collaboration, maximize efficiency, and minimize cost during design, construction, and operation.

About Utopia – Smart City Hub

Utopia is a new, niche networking platform which allows the industry members to find centralized information about the latest technology, exchange knowledge, advance career by sharing their 3D portfolio, find new business opportunities, advertise their products and innovate.


GET TECH is looking forward to innovating, engaging, testing and providing the latest and improved technologies as residents in the  Autodesk Technology Centers




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Get Tech Solutions